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Personal Numbers for Escorts, Are They Worth It?

Personal numbers are those suspect numbers that appear to be regular mobile phone numbers but they are actually charged at a premium rate over standard call charges.

Should You Be Using Personal Numbers?

Ofcom has designated 070 numbers for use only as personal ‘follow me’ numbers, which
are charged at a higher rate.

This service typically charges users 50 pence per call. You can imagine how your Clients are going to feel about this bill.

When it comes to deciding to use a personal number, you are going to have to think carefully. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.

The Pros

Your identity is hidden from Clients. Well, this is true to a point. It is not your identity that is hidden just your mobile number.

If you lose your mobile number, your personal number stays the same.

Okay, that’s the two pro’s out of the way. I think you can guess where this is going!

The Cons

Guys are increasingly savvy about Personal Numbers and they do not like them. No matter how much research we undertake in this area, these numbers are disliked intensely.

The number of Clients calling you will be less than if you have used a regular number.

Personal numbers have been used by scammers in the past. Whether this is for an escort scam or some other untoward practice, these numbers have a very poor reputation.

The regulators have received plenty of complainants from consumers experiencing a modified version of what is commonly known as ‘wangiri’, a well known trend for misuse of
premium rate and personal numbers, involving a computer using hundreds of phone
lines to randomly dial mobile phone numbers.

After one ring, the call disconnects, which
leaves the number stored in the receiving parties’ mobile phone. If the call is returned,
the caller is usually charged a premium rate for connection.

Many escort agencies have been found to be using personal numbers to hide their identities. This is usually done to make out their escorts are independent and so get more exposure on the larger escort directories and social networks. Again, the punters see through this and it is a little bit of a “black hat” practice.

What is the Alternative?

The alternative to a personal number really depends on the reason you wanted one or are considering one.

If you are only intent on hiding your identity, that is the primary reason for these numbers, then you simply need to use a separate number for your escort service.

Yes, using another mobile number for your escort business can be a drag but let’s be clear here. If you are intent on hiding your identity and being as discrete as possible, do you really want punters calling you on your personal mobile number! No! So, then you go buy another mobile number (and when i say buy one, they are free – the numbers that is!).

So, let’s say you are considering a personal number for your escort service because you are worried about losing your phone or your number. Is there an answer to that? Yes. Simply get yourself a Voice Over IP number. This works in much the same way as a Personal Number. Heck, you can even have an 0845 number for just £30 a year !

Watch Out For Number Hijackers

When it comes to marketing your service across the internet, there are tons of escort directories and social platforms.


How do you choose the best? Well, one thing we think you need to avoid is getting listed on those sites that change your number to one of their own personal numbers (often without you knowing!).

Why avoid those sites? This can do no good for your reputation and in this business your reputation is critically important to manage. Protect it by making sure you stay honest and your profile is marketed on sites where you want to be seen.

Of course, you even need to watch out for marketing strategies of the large corporate sites.

For instance, when you create a classified ad on the Vivastreet site you have to un-check the box that says “PROTECT YOUR REAL NUMBER – with our FREE Viva Protect service”

Let’s take a look at what they say about this service:

“FEEL SAFE. Protect your private phone number on Vivastreet for FREE”

They call this “A smart way to protect your personal number for FREE. All calls will be routed to your number directly but the caller will never have access to your actual number.
This is a good option if you don’t wish to share your personal number on the website. This feature is pretty popular with our users and is absolutely free.”

With the Viva Protect service your real number will be masked with an anonymous and secure number: 070xxxxxxxx.. Calls from potential buyers to this number will be redirected to your personal number. Your personal phone number will always remain private.

This service is completely free for you. Users contacting you on this anonymous and secure number will be charged the standard rate for this service.

So, now you might have an idea why this service is free to you and how it might impact on your response rate.

Another popular directory that follows this strategy is the Escorts Directory UK. They are using an 0701 range of numbers.

Hopefully you are a little more informed about your choices when it comes to personal numbers for escorts.


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