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How to build and maintain your escort status

Entering the escort industry is easy. Climbing up the ranks and maintaining an elite or VIP status is a real challenge, though.

Like any other profession, you need to be extra careful about the steps you make if you aspire a career growth. Everything must be well planned down to the last detail.

The secret is to treat what you are doing as if you are a businessman. Like it or not, this is your business, at least, for as long as you feel like doing it.

Here are some tips to help you continue to be a successful escort once you have broken into the industry and are beginning to build a good reputation around your name.

Keep yourself in a tip-top physical condition

Your body is your temple regardless of what you do for a living. But, when you are an escort, your appearance is a vital factor affecting your business.

So, making fitness and exercise a priority is a must as you try to excel as an escort. Most clients nowadays want an escort to just be fit, somewhat toned, and with a few accentuated curves in the right spots. However, you may also find a portion of them digging the muscled look on a lady.

To tick the boxes of most gents out there, you could focus on building your booty. Of course, don’t forget your cardio exercises that will help you stay in excellent shape.

Endurance and stamina are also part of your good physical condition. The fitter you grow, the more these two will increase too.

Protect your Online Reputation

Your online presence is extremely important to creating and maintaining a good reputation. For that reason, take extra caution when you get listed on websites. Don’t think that getting yourself plastered onto every website, directory or community platform will get you the business you need.

No, you must ensure they must be well respected and reputed platforms. The truth is that there are only a handful of sites you need to get yourself listed and profiled.

So, where are these sites?

Well first off, it is good to get clear on the different types of sites out there. First you have the portal and community sites. The two biggest are the UK Adult Zone and Adultwork.

Next you have Classified websites such as Vivastreet and the UK Adult Zone Classified escorts. When you break it down like this, you will find that you have more time to spend creating quality profiles and updated listings.

The same applies to escort agencies if you decide to work with one. Security is another must-have in this business, which can be guaranteed by established agencies whose policies clearly protect and take care of the escorts’ best interests. Talk to other girls in the agency if you can, otherwise look at reviews from clients to get a feel for how the agency is managed.

Work on your mental health

Irrespective of the job one does, there is no doubt that it affects their mental health one way or another.

Whether you are spending most of your waking time in front of a computer screen, in an uncomfortable chair, in an office or accompanying men in their endeavours, what you do has a toll on your mental health.

positive escorts

The difference with other professions is that being an escort comes with heightened stress sometimes. Just seeing new clients can be scary enough to make you feel down or anxious. Not to mention our proximity to violence given that we meet with a wide array of different types of men, which increases our chance to encounter a callous one.

For all these reasons, it is vital to take good care of our mental health. Besides keeping yourself active, ensuring you eat well and drink lots of water is also critical.

Meditation, Yoga, and other similar practices, as well as getting enough sleep can indeed help quiet your mind and deal with stress. And, if you feel you must, do take a break from it all for a while.

Surrounding ourselves with good people, even if that’s a friendly client, plays a crucial role in the way we feel inside too.

Have a positive mindset

Having a great attitude is key in our business. Men are attracted to women that are upbeat, passionate, and happy. If they are to spend some of their limited time with an escort, they will certainly prefer a female that embodies optimism and youthful inspiration over one that feels bad about herself and the world.

Now, if you find it hard to project this to your clients, it could help to think of yourself playing a role – the role of an escort. Then, focus on making your client feels he is the centre of your universe, and don’t forget to smile.

enjoy escorts

Unlike what many escorts think, you don’t need to be lusty-faced and pouty in your photos and in person. Just be enjoyable and fun to be around. So, give your clients a smile or a big grin during your first seconds of meeting them and light them up. Don’t forget to believe in yourself and show confidence too as it somehow equates to sexiness. Provide personalised experiences

If you are indeed willing to go the extra mile to make your clients happy via experiences that are far from typical, then they should know. This could be something as simple as working out a role-play scenario that fulfils a client fantasy.

Do provide details about this in your marketing materials (your profile included) to make everything clear (there are boundaries in everything we do, right?). If, for example, you have a specific skill to please men through sensations even without touching them, ensure those interested are aware of it, while always maintaining a classy image.

Finally, listening to (not just hearing) your clients during your encounters will gradually make you highly sought after.

Many times, all a man wants when reaching out to an escort is a great girlfriend experience. So, let your clients share their joys, concerns, and stories with you. Pair all that with excellent communication skills, and your escort career could literally skyrocket.

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